Pros And Cons Of King Size Mattresses That You Should Know

When shopping for a new mattress, there are several things to consider, from content and budget to brand and warranty. But there’s one aspect that can affect both your comfort and your room’s look and feel, and that’s the size of the mattress.

For those who find a queen-size mattress too thin, King size mattresses give a significant move up. A king bed is the same length but 16 “wider as a queen mattress.

The additional width will most help most couples who feel like a queen bed is too thin. On a king size mattress, couples who toss and turn or have a bed hog will sleep comfortably. This extra width is required by families with children who sleep with their parents for everyone to sleep soundly.

A king bed costs more and takes up more room in contrast to a queen bed. Most king-size mattresses configurations would need a master bedroom or a similarly large space until you incorporate nightstands and bed frames.

The Pros

Broad enough for pairs + children / pets

Enough space for couples tossing and turning

Excellent for heavier couples

For most adults, long enough.

Popular choice implies that there are lots of accessories.

The Cons

For big people, it may be too short for

More costly than mattresses for queens

It takes up more space than a queen-size bed.

The correct size of the mattress is based on your sleeping habits and where you live. To decide the best mattress, you want to take into account how you sleep now, how you might sleep in the future, and your current and future room size.

Room Size

When it comes to mattress size, space size is a restricting factor. Although a queen or king-size mattress can be theoretically crammed into any room that is just larger than the mattress itself, it is safer to conserve space for furniture, movement, and aesthetics. As a general rule, between your bed and the wall or other furniture, you want 2 feet of space or more, with 3 feet creating the best overall look and feel.

Take your existing space measurements and the furniture that you have or are looking to purchase. You can play around with a pen and paper or room layout phone app and see what mattress size would match comfortably. Consider your future still. You’ll want to take it with you when you travel if you invest in a high-quality mattress. Is there a possibility that, in the future, you could have a smaller room? When you move, you can still sell your bed and get a new one, but it’s good to have a mattress that can carry with you.

The Height

For those who are 6 feet or higher, twin-size and full-size mattresses are too short. Many people who don’t share a bed with a pet sleep easily with an additional 5-6 inches of legroom, can use queen and king size mattresses.

But even a king-size or queen-size bed can feel cramped if you have a dog or cat who curls up at your feet. The Cali king mattress with four more inches of length is ideal for tall people who sleep with pets.


The tiniest mattress that can sleep easily is a queen if you sleep with a partner. Yet, as long as you have the room for it, a king-size mattress is generally considered the best option for couples. The width of a king mattress is the same as two twin mattresses. A king with 16 “more width than a queen bed helps you to travel around without sneaking to the side of the bed of your partner.


Good-quality queen mattresses can be found starting at about $500, and king mattresses at $700. But for a queen and $1,000 for a king, most high-quality mattresses start closer to $800. A king mattress can cost $700 more than a queen mattress once you get into the luxury mattress space. Also, for best advise on bed check savvysleeper.